Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ethiopia : Understand the hijack for what it is ; a selfless act

News of hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane bound to Rome broke yesterday. Hijack is not something very strange even in the aviation history of Ethiopian Airlines. Perhaps what is strange, not just in Ethiopian aviation history but also in the aviation history of commercial flights, is a hijack carried out by a co-pilot.

Why would a thirty-one years old guy with prestigious job and unrivaled benefit package in the country venture into hijacking a plane he is co-piloting – thereby risking his career and all his future? The issue appeared ludicrous for some ; a case of insanity for others.

Hogwash and frivolous ridicule and politically motivated judgements aside, addressing the above question does not even need stretching ones imagination; nor it is a brainer. Probably,all it needs is understanding the political reality in Ethiopia.

And what is the political reality in Ethiopia?

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