Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love "Gemena" Drama. I love it because it vividly portrays where we are as a society. Social problems are partly reflections of governance. Put differently, social problems and/or social interaction are indicative of the nature of political system we have. Through Gemena you can see how the woyane regime is entrenching, by action or inaction, a culture of crime(crime familie), corruption, materialistic value, betrayal of freindship, greed and brutality - and all these at the expense of Ethiopian social values we used to cherish as a society. Good thing there are still sincere people who uphold the essence and values of being human. This is what we see in Gemena. It is a clarion call- a call that the social Ethiopia we used to know is collapsing - due to the action and inaction of our generation in the name of "modernity" Too bad!

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