Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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The Master Plan is only an immediate cause

Crackdown on recent students movement left Ethiopians in a state of shock. Nothing can justify, targeted, arbitrary and brutal killings.

Besides the tragic nature of the killings and the sense of shock, what do we make of it? On face value and on the part of TPLF government, it simply seem to be an act of intimidation by flexing its tyrannical muscles. Yet, in light of the political nature of TPLF, it would be tantamount to naivety to think that TPLF is unaware that the death of civilians and students on that magnitude, in fact what Ethiopia witnessed in 2005 was worse, is likely to foster radicalism. The thing is the ruling party seem to like the sense of ethnic based radicalism in so far as it is not out of control and measured for it is in the interest of the power game of TPLF. To read more click here

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