Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Story of "Suspicious letter" to Obama is itself suspicious

As you may know, Neoliberal's 'small government' mantra came with a bizarre governance principles. Among other things, government is to be run in a business like fashion and to partner with the private sector(PPP). Not only that people pay for most of the services they get from government but also a big chunk of people's earning (even low income earners) is going to government in the form of t...axes. Some countries are literally crippled by greed of neoliberals and what they are chasing.Who affords to forget what happened in Cyprus (day light robbery by government) and what is happening in most parts of Europe? Remember the bail out conditions are given by what are now neoliberal institutions!

At the same time corporates and other big business are getting almost everything their way. The work environment is intimidating for many - in fact it is one of the places where one can learn the point that there is no such thing as 'freedom.' What is progressive for the neoliberals is breaking apart the moral walls of societies and deepening exploitation by creating new layers of structures capable of enforcing exploitation - locally and globally. In the process they are creating despair, for lack of a better word, which is manifesting itself in different forms. Some see the need to reorganize and resist such "governments." Others, they take it personal: they either take their own lives or the lives of others and sometimes both. So, neoliberalism is in essence cannibalizing society.

What is funny, to me, is that neoliberals seem to project the cannibalization trend as a point to lure society, whose existence they deny, as a proof that "government" is necessary. When these cannibalization do not exist or are of low intensity, they might create one. I sometimes go to the extent of thinking that it is not only dictators in the "global south" that create fear to legitimize their governance. Even "democracies" may employ this same technique.

Two days after the Boston incident, a "suspicious letter" to President Obama and another senator is "intercepted." Of course, we get this story from the main stream media. I am suspicious of "suspicious letter" story itself.  
Disclaimer: This was a status update of my facebook  It's not hate speech. It's an opinion and of course it could be wrong. You can prove me wrong.

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