Monday, January 6, 2014

Ethiopian Christmas

Source- theforsakenchildren

(Borkena) Tomorrow is one of the biggest days in Ethiopia. Known locally as Gena (ገና), Ethiopian Christmas is one of the most colourful holidays in the country. Never heard of a different Christmas day?! Of course, there is for those  who celebrate in the traditions of Orthodox Churches. Apparently, the erstwhile day of Christmas day even within Catholic religious tradition is contested by Catholic pope emeritus Benedict XVI as he seem to believe that Anno Domini is based on miscalculations by Dionysius Exiguus. For Benedict XVI, the accurate birth of Jesus Christ predates the day which is conventionally celebrated in the West and within the Catholic traditions.

In any case, Ethiopian Christmas falls on January 7 of Gregorian calendar which corresponds to Thahisas 29, 28 when it is a Leap Year (Zemene Yohannes), of the Ethiopian calendar. Thahisas corresponds to December but unlike December, Thahisas is only the fourth months of the Ethiopian year which begins in September. Read more...

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